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Three generations of knowledge

In 1953, Nesim and Moiz Halfon brothers opened Şen Electrics, a store in the Galata district, to sell electrical goods. Years later, with the participation and contributions of Beno Halfon from second generation, they expanded their product range and added top class switch brands and many more lighting products.

As the store grew, there also grew a demand for lighting solutions in bigger architectural projects. Thus, Galata Lighting, aiming to reflect the knowledge and experience gained over the years was established in 1995 as a group company with the participation of Emin Atılgan, one of the pioneers in the field at the time, and Robert and Niso Halfon from the third generation.


Today, these two companies are in the sector with more than 60 years of experience.


As Galata Lighting we opened our first office and gallery in the Banks' Street, the heart of the market. A few years later, we moved to the Levent district, where we still are present.


Our services, our values


In the first years of our establishment we were the representative of well-known brands of Europe (such as Targetti, Barovier, Prisma, Surya (SBP), Van Lien), over the years we added many more brands to our selection. We participated in the development and realization of many local and international projects and provided support to design and implementation teams.

As the Galata Lighting team, our services include project design, product selection, design and technical support as well as supervision and back-up in installation, maintenance-repair wherever necessary in the implementation. 


In addition to the products of the companies we represent, we produce special manufacturing solutions for projects such as hotels. 

Our core team shares the pride of working together almost since our establishment.

We offer energy-saving and easy to implement solutions that highlight the architectural features of a place and that are compatible with its character. We care about the technological up-to-dateness, savings and environmental impact of the products as much as the light comfort. 

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